Available courses

M1.1 Conceptual Model: "Why Do Boards Exist?"
M1.2 Roles and Responsibilities: "How Do Boards Fulfill These?"
M1.3 Five Types of Boards: Why are there Different Kinds of Boards?
M1.4 Director Conduct: Duties of Loyalty & Care: Living Out Your Values
M1.5 Strategic Thinking and Planning
M2.1 Linking Strategy to Risk and Reporting: Tolerances & Appetites
M2.2 Risk Governance and Oversight
M2.3 Corporate Social Responsibility
M2.4 External Communications and the Board
M2.5 Boardroom Culture
M3.1 The CEO Employment Relationship
M3.2 HR & Compensation Committee
M3.3 Governance and Nominating Committee
M3.4 Evaluating the Board, Directors and Committees
M3.5 Optimizing Board Effectiveness & Board Decision Making